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Guarantees Results

At Sansar Technology Solutions, we have the expertise, the experience, and the people needed to get you top rankings, no matter what keywords you provide us. Unlike the amateurs, we pay attention to the effect our backlinks will have on your search engine rankings in the long run, and test our links extensively using analytics software. That’s why we can promise you the results that nobody else can: improved rankings in Google that get you more visibility among the customers you want to target. Is that a bold statement? Perhaps. But we’ll stand by it, because we have the people and the team to back it up. We have a dedicated team made up of 10 full time SEO professionals whose job it is to build only the best quality backlinks for your site. Every single one of our team members knows the ins and outs of SEO backlinking, and we have article writers and other content producers to make sure each and every link is posted along with value-adding (and traffic building) content. As our many satisfied customers will tell you, we provide some of the best results in the business, achieving first page rankings for many of the businesses we’ve worked with. Now, I probably don’t need to tell you what a first page Google pagerank can do for your business, but suffice it to say, many of the customers we’ve worked with have had their business double in size just through SEO alone. Of course, we can’t guarantee you a first place Google ranking overnight, but we do guarantee that in just one SEO campaign, you will see positive movement in your search rankings, that will generate more traffic to your site. And we’re easy to do business with, too. All you have to do is contact us, give us your website and your keywords, and we will start building the links for you. If you require articles, images, or video, we can provide those for you too.

Why you should always leave SEO to the pros?

There may have been a time when doing your own backlinking would have been enough. Unfortunately, that time is long past. Ever since Google’s PANDA algorithm changes, the SEO game has been getting more and more complex. Reports are coming out every day about companies getting delisted or ranked down because of links that didn’t pass the test. Maybe you’ve tried to do backlinks on your own, only to find that your links weren’t getting you higher search engine rankings, or that Google wasn’t happy with some of the links you created. Or perhaps you’ve had a site that once ranked high in the search engines, only to find it knocked down a few notches. Well, There’s a good reason the old tactics aren’t working as well as they used to. There is one thing that will make all the difference in your search engine rankings. In the post-Panda online environment, you need a dedicated team of SEO specialists who know the algorithms inside and out, who will use analytics to make sure each and every link works to your advantage. SEO Magician is that team. When you hire us to do your SEO, we will bring our “A” game to the table for you and get results, no matter what keywords you want to get ranked for.

In practical terms, that means we will do five things:
  • Build an extensive network of links on a wide variety of sites, embedded inside unique content that satisfies Google’s algorithms.
  • Create unique, SEO-optimized content that can generate direct traffic to your site.
  • Do SEO backlinking for up to three unique keywords per campaign.
  • Use analytics software to test the effect each link is having on your campaign, tweaking and optimizing links to make sure every one ultimately improves your rankings.

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